Leather cleaning

The Works Interior Package

Everything listed in the Full Interior Package plus excessive pet hair removal, headliner spot cleaning.

($155 discount) 

Prices starting at:
Compact vehicle $400
Midsize vehicle $450
Full size vehicle $500

*Prices Reflect Bundling with "The Works" Exterior Package

Interior Detailing Packages & Options

Interior ​À la Carte Items

Excessive ​Pet Hair Removal

$30 (+/-)

Head liner cleaning


​Deep Cleaning & Conditioning of all Leather

$30, $30, $40

​Odor Eliminator

$100 (100% guarantee)

Leather and Carpet Repair

Now Available! 

Exterior Detailing Packages & Options

 Actual prices may vary depending on your vehicle's condition.   ​

 Discounts available for government employees, military and first responders. 

 Gift certificates available!

 Ask about our corporate accounts!


195 S. Forbes Rd - Lexington

​540 E. Second St - Lexington

Full Exterior Detailing Options

Hand wash with high quality purified water, clay baring to removing contaminates that are buried in your clear coat (providing a smooth and slick surface), machine polish, hand or machine wax/sealant , cleaning and degreasing the door jambs, wheel and tire cleaning, tire shine via air gun application. Touch up paint available.

($40 discount)

Prices Starting at:
Compact vehicle $110
Midsize vehicle $120
Full size vehicle $130

Carpet shampooing

​​Exterior ​À la Carte Menu

Hand Wash

Using purified water and dried with high quality microfiber towels

(includes tire shine that's applied with a gravity fed air gun for superior results) 

$20, $25, $30

Clay bar

$25, $30, $35

           ​Hand/machine wax or sealant (your choice) 

$80, $120, $145

​Headlight Restoration


Paint Restoration
​Machine Compounding, Machine Polish, Carnauba Wax or Sealant 

$300 minimum

Engine detailing


Machine Buffing

Excess pet hair removal

Full Interior Detail Package

Deep cleaning and conditioning of all leather surfaces, full vacuuming including the trunk, excess pet hair removal, shampooing of all cloth surfaces via hot water extractor/shampooer, window cleaning including side and vanity mirrors and display screens as well as the sunroof, cleaning all the little nook and crevices, cleaning under the seats and headliner spot cleaning. Leather and fabric repair available.
($40 discount)

Prices starting at:
Compact vehicle $100
Midsize vehicle $115
Full size vehicle $130

​Welcome to Detail Lex, central Kentucky's premier auto detailing business, offering full service detailing for cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs,  planes and more!

The Works Exterior Package

Everything listed in the Full Detail Package,  plus machine  compounding to remove fine scratches / spider web appearance from improper washing,  headlight restoration, pet hair removal and complete engine detailing.

($155 discount) 

Prices Starting at:
Compact vehicle $395
Midsize vehicle $425
Full size vehicle $475​

*Prices reflect bundling with interior detailing "The Works"

Specialty Vehicles

Air Craft

Starting at $300

$17 per linear ft. hand wash & machine waxed  
($300 minimum)

$13 per linear ft. wash & wax
(Compounding to remove oxidation and water lines available)

$60 (wash & wax)

Any Public Safety Vehicle
10% Off

Steam cleaning